Teleties Mystery Pack

Whether you love every style or you are just beginning your obsession & looking for a fun way to start- our Mystery pack is the way to go! All you need to do is choose the size you want, we will do the rest! See the description below for sizing & more!
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Please know that this is intended for fun! We believe this would be a neat way to introduce Teleties to people that may not know about/how great these hair ties really are! 

Hold your hair and enhance your style with TELETIES. The strong grip, no rip hair tie that doubles as a bracelet. Strong, pretty, and stylish, TELETIES are designed to withstand everyday demands while taking your look to the next level. 

  • TinyTELE is a 5-Pack
    • Perfect for kids, braids, topknots, and super thin hair, tiny hair ties from TELETIES are for you! Pick your favorite style below and get ready for a strong grip that doesn't slip and never have an "ouch moment" again. This specific size will fit comfortably as a ring on an adult finger. If you are styling an updo, top knot, tying the tip of a braid, Or ANYTHING with thin hair, a TinyTELE may be a good option.
  • Small is a 3-Pack 
    • Teleties small hair ties are the perfect solution for thin to medium thickness of hair. Teleties are designed to give you a strong-grip that doesn't slip, crease, damage your hair, or cause headaches. Each small hair tie is easy to clean and perfect for sports, the gym, or fashion statements. They are small, they can easily grip your locks, allowing you to create a quick hairstyle or easily tie a braid. The small hair tie from Teleties can fit both a child's and an adult's wrist comfortably.
  • Large is a 3-Pack
    • These strong-grip, no-rip large hair ties are best for thick hair and curly hair. Each large hair tie from TELETIES slides seamlessly through curly, wavy, straight hair and extensions. Perfect for working out, sports, fashion, and fun! Designed for thick, long, curly hair to help you create a style that holds no matter what activities you may be doing! You can slide your large hair ties in and out of your hair without any “ouch” moments. And each large hair tie is made from eco-friendly materials that can be washed in the washing machine or use soap and water to make cleaning your hair ties a breeze.
  • Mix is a 5-Pack 
    • Can't decide on which size to get? Then the Mix Pack is perfect for you! Every Mix 5-Pack includes 2 Large Teleties and 3 Small Teleties! It's the best of both worlds and a great price for new customers!